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Natalie Yu
Natalie Yu

Natalie Yu


Natalie Yu was born and raised in Western Canada with traditional Chinese parents. This allowed her to find roots in both the West and East. She has several close relatives, including her mother, who are acupuncturists and Chinese medicine doctors. This has helped her better understand this incredible medical system, as it was always her first choice of health care in her family.

Natalie had the privilege of completing her 5-year Doctorate Diploma of TCM Program at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in beautiful Nelson, BC.  During her course of study, she also completed internships in Nelson and Vancouver, BC, and NanNing and Shanghai China.

Natalie’s dream is to create a community-minded space to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is currently mostly only readily available to those with good work health benefits, or, those able to afford it. There are various ways to treat seemingly unexplainable diseases and issues. Chinese medicine likes to find the root of the problem, thus, customized treatment plans can last an indefinite amount of time. The disease or problem did not start overnight, nor can we expect it to be fixed overnight. It is Natalie’s goal to help create a safe comfortable healing space, that also provides education and group support.

Nothing is more important than your health.

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