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Dr Bo Gregson

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Extremely attentive and welcoming

Dr Bo Gregson and his staff are extremely attentive and welcoming. I am always greeted with a smile and am always made to feel very welcomed. Dr Bo does a great job of explaining what he is doing, why he is making that particular adjustment and what role I should play in maintaining my health.

Dee Turner November 1, 2016

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Very gentle adjustments

Excellent. I was nervous at first about going the chiro route and so Bo started with very gentle adjustments and we've progressed from there. I'm not too good about keeping up with suggested exercises and despite this I still feel welcome there. I definitely have increased flexibility in my back as a result of the treatments. My dog loves visiting with me too 🙂

Lynne November 1, 2016

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A fantastic chiropractor

Bo Gregson is a fantastic chiropractor and without a doubt one of the best I have worked with on the north shore. I would recommend him to all my personal training clients. He is very understanding and kind with a great duty of care for all his patients. His knowledge and experience to help people from all backgrounds and ages is what makes him especially unique in his field.

Wesley Williamson November 1, 2016

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Understands what the body is capable of

Dr. Bo is the best. As a professional athlete I find it very important to have a Chiropractor who understands what the body is capable of and works with me to help achieve optimum performance. Wither your trying to be the best in the world or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle I would definitely recommend Dr. Bo.

Micah Brakefield November 1, 2016

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Dr Gregson is one of the best

I've been a patient of Dr Gregson for 4 years. Being a regular patient of chiropractic care for over 30 years, Dr Gregson is one of the best. I would recommend him to anyone.

Chris Gray November 1, 2016

Natalie Yu

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Her knowledge of anatomy is impressive

I've been working with Natalie on and off for the past 5 years. Through my various injuries (shoulder, neck, knee), her acupuncture has helped me recover quickly and get back to the activities I love. Her knowledge of anatomy is impressive and she finds ways to trigger healing painlessly.

I was initially skeptical of acupuncture, but after working with Natalie, I've recommended many friends and family to her. I know she can help many people get back to their desired level of activity. 

J.V. November 4, 2016

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She understands elite athletes’ bodies

As a long time athlete and now stunt performer, I have always been very hard on my body. Natalie's holistic approach to healing my various injuries and ailments is incredible. She understands elite athletes' bodies and is always willing to go above and beyond to get me back to doing what I love. I couldn't do what I do without her! 

A.R. November 4, 2016

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Providing acupuncture for fertility

My husband and I had been trying for over a year to have another baby before I was able to conceive.  Within the first trimester, I miscarried.  I could not understand why we were having such a difficult time, as we conceived our first child with no trouble at all.  Natalie showed me how to track my ovulation and recommended Chinese herbs to help regulate my cycle, in addition to providing acupuncture for fertility.  It took a few months for my body to recuperate, but by late June 2015, I was pregnant again.  Just one year later, I gave birth to happy, healthy baby boy!

M.J. November 4, 2016

Jamey McDonald

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hope to be engaged, inspired, and challenged

If you hope to be engaged, inspired, and challenged, Jamey is the perfect fit. I have known Jamey for over 25 years. Whether as a teacher, speaker, coach or leader, Jamey continues to impress me with his ability to connect with audiences and enable them to engage in personal development.

Mike Petersen President & CEO of Southbridge Capital Inc December 11, 2016

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I was facing obstacles and needed a listening ear

Jamey came across my path at a time when I was facing obstacles and needed a listening ear. Jamey has the ability to listen, ask pertinent questions and then explore issues and options. Jamey does not come across as "knowing it all", but genuinely expresses an interest in learning alongside you.

Don Copeland Independent Graphic Arts Professional December 11, 2016

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Jamey is all about living without a lot of baggage

Jamey is a talented speaker who engages his audience with authentic information about real life. You will walk away feeling glad that you took the time to hear what he had to say. Jamey is all about living without a lot of baggage.

Barb Robertson Senior Manager, Recruitment at Linxus Group December 11, 2016

Lauren Webber

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Thanks to Lauren I can manage my arthritis through food

Thanks to Lauren I can manage my arthritis through food. I will highly recommend her!”

Rosie February 7, 2017

Krisztina Marshall

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Working with Krisztina has changed my life!

I have been struggling for over 10 years with body image issues and I tried every possible diet. Even though I managed to achieve my ideal weight , I found myself stuck in hating the way I look, and I have also developed a fear of food. I hated eating in front of others and social gatherings freaked me out. I became obsessed with my diet app and my scale. I could not imagine life without those tools. Working with Krisztina has changed my life! Now, I can eat without worrying, and I feel happy in my body. I feel in control as oppose to the past when I felt that food was controling me. I also descovered what was fueling my eating habits and Krisztina gave me tools to implement them in my life to recognise triggers and overcome urges.

So much more than just my relationship with food has shifted. I finally managed to leave my dysfunctional home and I am working towards settling in with my boyfriend and start my dream job! I can truly say that l could not be where I am now without Krisztina. Thank you!

A.Brown February 7, 2017

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