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Sylvie Slaninova

Sylvie Slaninova

Office Manager

Sylvie was born in Czech Republic. She got a master degree in economics in Mendel University in Brno. During her summer holidays she would travel to Austria where she worked in a small cottage. It was there that she felt absolutely in love with mountains and nature.

She spent part of her studies at the University Inseec Alpes Savoie in Chambery – a small city in the French Alps. At that time she found her love for travelling, hiking and snowboarding, so, when she finished her studies, it wasn’t difficult to find out what to do next.

She went to Austria for a winter season to make some money for her travelling dreams and then she finally applied for a work visa in Canada. During the processing time, she spent a few months working in London to improve her English. When she finally got her working visa in Canada she decided to go to the best city where she could find everything she loved: mountains, ocean, stunning nature, and everything a big city can offer – Vancouver!

She started working in a coffee shop, but always wanted to continue with her career in something she was truly passionate about. Almost a year later, she found Dr. Bo’s Lonsdale Wellness studio and it was the perfect fit. She applied for a job here because she really believes in a healthy lifestyle and that traditional medicine is not always the best option.

Nothing is more important than your health.

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