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Drahomira Palesova
Drahomira Palesova

Drahomira Palesova

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Drahomira (Dada) believes that therapeutic massage is a great tool for helping patients with pain reduction, healing, and relaxation, which, in turn, leads to good health maintenance and injury prevention. While studying to become a massage therapist, she learned to look at the body as a whole unit and look for the origin of the problem rather than treating only the symptoms.

She has learned a lot about her body through sustaining small injuries and then watching the healing process take over. She has found that her passion for sport has helped her to understand her personal needs for self-care and it is this appreciation of the benefits associated with the maintenance of general well-being that she would like to share with other sporting enthusiasts. Enjoyment of the outdoor experience has been a big part of her life. She enjoys skiing, rock-climbing, mountaineering, hiking and running. Her secondary passion is in nutrition and understanding body and mind as a whole complex.

Dada’s graduation from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy grew out of her keen interest in anatomy and physiology which started her down the path to massage therapy.

Dada is also a graduate of the Canadian school of holistic nutrition and practiced as a holistic consultant for the past 5 years.

Tuesday  7:30-1:30
Wednesday  1:30-7:30


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